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As horse owners ourselves, we’ve seen how much the horses on our ranches work, herding cattle, going on long-distance trail rides, at the rodeo and hunting events, and more. After all this work, your equine athletes will surely need quality supplements to recover and maintain their health.
At Doctor’s Hemp Solutions, our goal is to provide hemp-based products that reinforce your horse’s state of mind and physical health. We ensure to use the best hemp seeds, maintain good soil health, and extract and use high-quality cannabinoids in our hemp-based products.

Why Choose Equine Hemp Solutions?

Our equine hemp solutions are made with the best formula, and we avoid using unrefined hemp, fillers, or a single type of cannabinoid. Our supplements offer multiple benefits, like calming your horse’s anxiety and helping them relax, and providing effective anti-inflammatory attributes. 

According to several ranchers and riders, our EHS (Equine Hemp Solutions) products are extremely effective. Many horse owners have said that just after 14 days of adding our supplement to their horse’s feed, there was a noticeable improvement in the horse. 

After only three days, the horses were significantly calmer, and after 45 days there was a significant boost in hoof growth. With our supplements, even old and retired horses were able to run with the herd once more. 

Nevertheless, some organizations do not permit the use of cannabinoid supplements for competitive horses. So it’s best to check in with them before using our performance premium supplements. 

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